blood in the back of the throat taking the long way home isn’t that just how the thing goes slamming brakes for a swallowtail butterfly yellow wings beckoning for a better past losing, inevitably, scraping knees and knuckles against pavement boiling with sunshine, rays and beams never meant to have holding a book too closely […]

headless mode

Lost sight of the road, eyelids falling two curtains to keep the sick & coughing patients from touching my soul. I nearly destroyed a little old man with the opening of the ambulance door. Even under the first-responder’s glare, I didn’t know what was happening. After that, my partner banned me from the driver’s seat. […]

savings account

I keep the moments coins in a piggy bank but I love the rain, so I’ll save them for sunny days when the shadows and trees all look the same and I’m trudging uphill to get to my next class, hours drifting past like sluggish clouds his smiles are pennies—the heads-up kind the ones he […]