november welcomes me

you take me to the community table where I like

watching all the old men socialize with one another but

today my eyes translated their lives into death

that one, with the nicotine stained beard, he’ll 

stumble into the heart attack named widow-maker

and that young man, with the black pencil on his waterline,

an overdose of some sort, vomit dripping from the corner of his lips

it’s easier, these days, to color vacancy in their eyes, stay between the lines


I gravitate towards you like plants to the sun

tendrils and leaves reaching reaching reaching

to kiss your warm skin, feel whole again

phototropism commanding muscle and bone

but these days, I only see the moon 

where are you? In this darkness, I am alone


I wear a scarf around my neck because

a rope would be inappropriate

and the albatross is not native to Michigan


what happened to us, love?

we used to collide twelve hours a day

now we sit in silence, screens before us

a quiet loneliness 

blame it on vitamins 

blame it on insufficiency

but we used to be tethered by the hips

now we’re separated with sealed lips

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