savings account

I keep the moments coins in a piggy bank but I love the rain, so I’ll save them for sunny days when the shadows and trees all look the same and I’m trudging uphill to get to my next class, hours drifting past like sluggish clouds his smiles are pennies—the heads-up kind the ones he […]

F_ll_ng _n L_v_

I got drunk on the Thornapple River with friends and colleagues she asked if I was okay so I leaned sideways and dunked my face in the riverbed, I glimpsed his delicate eyes through murky darkness, two glowing lights with the force of his lips, he pushed me upright I breathed the summer air but […]


There was a warning on the radio this morning. Stay away. Stay alive. The announcer said it twice. And maybe she meant fallen electrical wires, but my thoughts wandered to you. Keep your distance, at least twenty-five feet, she said. Contact with live wires causes death. Stay away. Stay alive. But I drove to your […]

amory blaine

you learned life the hard way             feet bare for nearly two years             wandering downtown, no fears                                     spare for the premonition of a blade                                                             puncturing           tender             flesh in the streets, you made your bed             keeping warm with thoughts in your head                                                 cabin nestled in a quiet wood                                                 […]