Just Thoughts

Caitie, can we talk please?

about cutting heart strings

propagating them in soil

how fast does loneliness grow

and when it does, what is it good for?


Sophia, can’t you just listen?

why does it always start in the kitchen

so deep and full I don’t even notice

hot water kissing burns into my fingers

gazing through glass, remembering

fingers curled around glistening gold


Gracie, don’t you know?

every March is the same doldrum

memories bloody and broken and 

what good are bruises that don’t heal,

veins and arteries to carry pain 

that isn’t real?


Maisie, what’s the problem?

with donating organ systems

as long as I don’t miss them?

I wouldn’t, you know, dream

of dead girls, if I didn’t own

a brain to do so


Ashley, I know you’re there

tell me, how can some thoughts

be arresting as iron weights

boring through my flesh and others,

as spontaneous and weightless as

a summer dress?


Lyndsey, please make it go away

the shadows, I mean, when the sun drops

beneath the tree line and all I can do

is remember grief, my very own skin

prying away the layers with crowbars of sins

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