For Pembroke

wear my bathrobe to pick

Lil Cobra up from school

administration asks if I’m unwell

let them believe I’m diseased

it’s more entertaining that way


he messaged me last night

wanted to know when 

he would see me again

I shrugged and shook my head

don’t want to hear from him, really


dreamt I cheated on him with another

woke up and felt guilty, sick with immorality

but every time I give him my heart

he sends back a thumbs-up emoji

makes me feel temporary


Holiday broke your heart, didn’t he

so you ran your car through the wash until

you couldn’t feel a single thing

and the windows sparkled with wasted water

Pembroke, I don’t know what to do with you


here’s advice for you to read

instead of other people’s diaries

maybe it will help erase 

some of the hurt Holiday created:

for once, put yourself first

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