fish family

Bacon saw God today

she stuck her tongue in the water

a beam of sunlight accentuating 

her shape, her scepter of lilies


Muffin has cancer, tumors 

sprouting white flags from her scales

through the glass, she meets Bacon’s gaze

ask God to make it swift, she mouths


Omelette meditates bent in half

paper tissue fins heavy as chainmail 

God doesn’t visit him much anymore

he’s currently between religions


Reginald stopped eating

tucked himself in the corner

behind the filter and wondered

would clove be a painful end?


and when he finally did it,

finally held his breath and left

their eyes trained up, up towards God

but she wasn’t there, on her windowsill

she was gone, and in her wake

her scepter, a new blossom sprouted

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