September Rain

wear my big purse around my shoulder

so I don’t look so alone (I know you’d be concerned)

browsing the aisles, the people, the store

stare at all the potted plants and wonder

how long will it take for them to fall apart:

as long as a cardiac-arrested heart?


adorn the sweatshirt you almost gave away

parallel park in the street, cheeks burning, flushed red

(even though you aren’t here to laugh at my struggles)

recall the bullet holes you pointed out in Eastown

said, “Welcome to the city,” eyes pointed at that marred minivan

strolling the sidewalk, ducking under tree branches 

like the entrance to some make-believe kingdom

Welcome to the city


stand in the rain, the whispers of wind 

kissing my arms, reminding me of the black and blue

patches you stitched to my skin, your name

September; I think, once, it brought promise

now, it only brings rain

and the two are not the same thing

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