Because I Am Practicing Patience

I take steps two at a time

I don’t do long lines

Always reading ahead of class

Never finish things last–

But I am taking a step back

From you

So you can think

So you can take

Your time.

While I wait, here’s a

List of things I want to

Say to you:

1. On Monday, I go to book club. We talk

About movies and writing styles; it’s like AA:

If I skip one meeting, I’ll skip them all.

2. I dropped my bio major, and no,

I am not telling my parents.

3. Outside my window, a man

Was screaming like he was being mauled.

Or maybe that’s the EMT in me.

(He wasn’t actually being mauled.)

4. My desk has an eight-legged tenant.

5. I’m going to Monte Carlo–

A casino-themed dance here–

And I imagined what you’d look like

In a tie. It was difficult to visualize.

6. Acids and bases are frustrating.

7. Girls keep peeing in the showers

The bathroom smells like the Laurel’s.

8. I’m in a group chat with 2/5 of my siblings.

I think you’d like them.

9. Listening to Lennon Stella’s “Fortress” is a power move.

If you only knew what that meant.

10. Snow day = writing day.

11. If I keep this list going,

I won’t be as tempted to message you.

12. See your phone.

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