(Brief) New Year Update

I’m back in the city, which means listening to trains, ambulance sirens I’m not a part of, and communal bathrooms.

School: I didn’t want to come back until I did. My biology class has proved to be so thought-provoking, I’m just confused. Like when you say your name over and over again until it doesn’t sound like your name (or a word) anymore. I mean, I know science makes sense, but I’m thinking about it too hard. That’s how I know biology is the right major for me.

Work: Last year, my New Year’s Resolution was to be more like my EMT instructor, Mrs. Hess. And by that, I mean a medical badass. Some of my colleagues told me I got excited about the same concepts as Hess, and while that wasn’t exactly what I was going for, I guess I’ll take it. On one of my recent calls, however, I did achieve that “Mrs. Hess Level.” Or at least, I like to think I got close.

Writing: My first novel, The Pretenders, is available on Amazon in paperback or ebook. My Goodreads profile has been updated to “Author,” so you can follow me and drop your ratings and reviews for my work here. Besides my published work, I’ve been struggling to finish a compilation of my short stories and novellas titled She Died on a Tuesday and Other Happy Endings. I’m stuck on one piece in particular–It really is a challenge to write joyful scenes. Even when those scenes are partial memoirs. Whether that’s irony or writer’s block, I don’t know yet.

Reading: I moved back into my dorm without bringing a novel to read, and I’m beginning to regret my decision.

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