Scientific Poetry

Matter is neither created nor destroyed–

Is the same true for emotions,

For the chemicals undergoing synaptic jumps?

You are my triple point,

A place where the

Gas of my breath,

Liquid of my blood,

Solid of my heart

Is at equilibrium.

If we were atoms in space,

I would want to bond covalently–

My electrons, your electrons, shared–

And triply so, until our bond is so strong,

Our orbitals so close together,

Scientists won’t be able to determine our bounds.

We will be a probability, a mystery

That even an equation cannot solve.

Our structure will be stronger than network covalent;

Our boiling point, higher than Diamond’s,

For we endure; we refuse to separate.

You speak in terms of directions

In terms of mortality, gas pumps, and APA papers;

In terms of brothers and how to fix the wi-fi.

You are not fluent in chemistry.

But even so,

I want to hybridize with you.

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