amory blaine

you learned life the hard way             feet bare for nearly two years             wandering downtown, no fears                                     spare for the premonition of a blade                                                             puncturing           tender             flesh in the streets, you made your bed             keeping warm with thoughts in your head                                                 cabin nestled in a quiet wood                                                 […]

Corpus Callosum

I sold two eyes to forget yours, hoping for a fair price. But losing and remembering are not the same thing, I know.  My last day, I lay on Earth, stared up at the periwinkle sky. I thought about the boy who loved bleeding hearts. He witnessed them grow through the weight of time, took tedious notes as he […]

i quit coffee

for a challenge, this six year       prescription, not addiction a challenge: quit coffee      no withdrawal symptoms (lasted two days the savory scent got to me hooks in my nostrils till café con leche spilled down my open throat) i quit you for good reasons, too       affliction, confliction, restriction–       not addiction love […]