When the Sun Expires

I used to carry your words in my breast pocket

armor and shield would have been too heavy

but this morning, you condemned me

didn’t care to ask, just called me guilty

when the sun expires,

Earth won’t survive forever

chloroplasts will perish, mitochondria will commit

suicide like this morning, 10 AM

you sent a paragraph text message

Athos Aurelius

you were supposed to be better than this

guilt by association

well then, I guess we’re all going to Hell for sinning

make me choose between two

and I’ll still lose

as long as you win, right?

it was worth the fight

I won’t give you my tears

I’ve already given you a year

idolization, admiration, and now this realization:

you aren’t all I believed you to be

end this friendship, okay

not the lightsaber duel we imagined but

your words, sent as Text Message

how pathetic, how effective

I read it twice, thought I was having a stroke

read it again and you broke my heart

but I guess I gave you the power

rip me apart, symbol by symbol

until I am nothing, not even a face you know

wore my organs on the outside, no reason to hide

should have kept them on the inside, should have kept them mine

you broke my heart but it’s about time

don’t worry–I’m fine

yesterday, I read and reread your letter

like the ones I used to send when you were unwell

pressed the ink between pages of my favorite book

but ever since this morning,

those false words look better going through a paper shredder

Dear Don, Dear Don

I was wrong


when the sun expires,

I’ll be living a solar system away, in safety

yesterday, you were reality

today, I’ve put that man behind me

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